Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




How long does it take to deliver?

Usually within an hour sometimes only within 10 minutes sometimes it may take longer than an hour. Depends on Road Condition, snow, rain, high volume of traffic. If an hour is passed we encourage our customers to call and find out the status of delivery.

What is the service charge?

We charge as low as $9.99 each additional stop only 2.99. Price is subject to change without notice and 10% surcharge apply top of the total due to higher gas price.


A Home Delivery Service working in Toronto downtown, Toronto East, North York, and Scarborough.

How it works?

As a valued customer you will call us at 416-516-8085 Or fill out our online order form at Online Order. According to your order our trained driver will go to a LCBO Store, Beer Store Or Convenience Store and buy items for you and Deliver to your Door applying some fees depending on how many stops and products you asked. As Driver arrives at your door you will pay the total items price plus the Delivery charge.

What if I change my mind and don’t want delivery?

If for any reason you changed your mind or you don’t need delivery, you have to call us as soon as possible before buy your items. If delivery already at your door and you doesn’t want the delivery you have to pay the Delivery Charge plus you have to pay any non-refundable items price.

What is the hour of operation?

Hour of operation greatly depends on your areas store openings hour. Usually we take order half an hour before the store is opening and half an hour before the store is closing. We encourage you to be sure local store of your area is opened.

What about the Empties?

Usually we don’t take empties unless you arrange earlier. If it is not arranged in advance and a driver has space in the vehicle he/she may take empties as a tip we don’t pay for it.

Delivery is guaranteed?

No, we don’t deliver to minors, intoxicated person or may appear person is harmful to driver. We reserve the right not to deliver in any of those situations.